Hyundai In-Car Payment System Displayed at TU-Automotive Detroit

Hyundai has always worked toward making the driving experience easier and more enjoyable. With its latest technology, it will make paying for things like gas and parking even easier. The new Hyundai in-car payment system, called Hyundai Digital Wallet, made its debut at TU-Automotive Detroit.

In its current form, Hyundai Digital Wallet would allow drivers to find, reserve, and pay for parking with ParkWhiz, order and pay for Applebee’s® To Go, and find and pay for gas at Chevron® and Texaco® stations.

Hyundai has been designing this technology with Xevo, a leader in smart software solutions for the automotive industry. By working together, Hyundai and Xevo found ways to securely store a customer’s payment information through Hyundai Blue Link®.

Xevo CEO Dan Gittleman said, “Combining Xevo’s innovative Market solution and our artificial intelligence, car, cloud and mobile expertise with Hyundai’s Blue Link technology makes it possible for Hyundai to offer consumers a secure, convenient way to connect with their favorite brands and make payments while in the car.”

While this technology is still in concept form, it should not take long for Hyundai to iron out the final details and incorporate it into a new within the next few years. We at Randall Noe Hyundai can’t wait to try this payment technology out once it’s here.

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