New Hyundai Nexo Achieves World’s Best Driving Range

Next month in Korea, Hyundai will release its all-new next-generation fuel cell vehicle, the NEXO. Hyundai revealed the new eco-vehicle at the CES 2018 tech show, displaying its ever-growing commitment to eco-friendly and low-emission vehicles.

The Hyundai NEXO is technologically smart and efficient, achieving the world’s best driving range. It can travel up to an incredible 609 kilometers, or approximately 378 miles, on a single charge. With its state-of-the-art technology and driver assist systems, the NEXO pulls ahead of its competition, placing itself at the forefront of fuel cell and electric cars. Another added perk of the NEXO is that it actually filters and purifies the air as you drive, cleaning the environment around you.

The NEXO’s smart design stands out alongside its incredible capabilities. It features a sleek, aerodynamic exterior silhouette, and a stylish and technologically-advanced interior. Its driver assist technology includes a suite of advanced safety features, including Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM), which uses a wide-angle Surround View Monitor (SVM) to alert you if vehicles are in your blind spots when changing lanes. It also features Hyundai’s all-new Lane Following Assist technology, which is making its debut on the NEXO. This technology will keep you centered in your lane and maintain a set speed and following distance when paired with the Highway Driving Assist (HDA) feature.

In the past, one of the obstacles in the way of electric car adoption was driving range. By being able to go nearly 400 miles on a single charge, the Hyundai NEXO takes a big step forward into the future of mobility.

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