Hyundai’s Biggest Moments of 2017

The Hyundai brand continues to grow in sales and customer loyalty while expanding its product lineup. To celebrate a successful year, we’ve put together five of Hyundai’s biggest moments of 2017.


1 – Announcement of US Investment

Around this time last year, Hyundai announced that it was going to invest $3.1 billion in U.S. operations in the next five years, and is going to open another manufacturing plant on U.S. soil.


2 – Debut of Hyundai Ioniq

The debut of Hyundai’s electric and hybrid vehicle made waves when the Hyundai Ioniq hit dealerships in February 2017.


3 – April Fools

We admire a company that likes to have a little fun. Hyundai cracked a big joke this past spring when it announced that the company would be delivering vehicles to customers’ homes via drone delivery, creating an unforgettable April Fools prank.


4 – Retirement of the Azera Sedan

It’s good when a company knows what works and what doesn’t—that’s part of what makes the Hyundai lineup so excellent. While we loved the Azera sedan, it was bid farewell to make room for an even better future.


5 – Introduction of the All-New 2018 Hyundai Kona

Hyundai announced that it plans to completely rework its crossover and SUV selection, and that change started with the debut of the new, stylish, compact crossover: the 2018 Hyundai Kona. To learn more about this exciting new SUV, visit us at Randall Noe Hyundai.

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